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      1. 發布時間:2019-08-21
      2. 工作地點:上海
      3. 職位類型:全職
      4. 來源:Citi花旗
      5. 職位:2020校園招聘Technology, 2020 Full Time Analyst

      花旗銀行2020校園招聘求職大禮包 | 花旗銀行校園招聘筆試經驗匯總 | 花旗銀行校園招聘面試經驗匯總 | 花旗銀行校園招聘求職綜合經驗匯總

      Technology, 2020 Full Time Analyst, China

      Locations: Shanghai, Shanghai Municipality 
      Job Function: Technology 
      Employee Status: University Programs Job ID:80006705

      You're the brains behind our work.
      You're ready to bring your knowledge from the classroom to the boardroom; and Citi wants to help you get there. Whether it's honing your skills or building your network, we know that success can't come without growth. Our programs equip you with the knowledge and training you need to play a valuable role on your team, and establish a long-term career here. At Citi, we value internal mobility; and career growth is not a question of if but when. Our Technology business is looking for enthusiastic individuals to join the team. Technology plays a central role in driving value for Citi and our clients by providing a foundation that enables Citi to achieve daily operational and long-term growth goals. As measured by transaction volume and customer touch points alone, Citi's Technology is one of the largest single organizations in the world, you will touch many lines of Citi business and support functions across the globe. By becoming a member of this team, you will be working as part of Citi Service Centers or part of a core function in Technology.

      Your time here will look something like this...
      The program begins with intensive training that will provide essential skills knowledge as well as a comprehensive orientation to Citi's culture. After initial training; participants join our Technology team to work with for the duration of the two-year program, depending on the country you join. Throughout your time as at Citi; you will continue to receive skills, training and mentorship from Citi experts.
      We provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed.
      We provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to succeed. We're committed to teaching you the ropes. The Full Time Technology Analyst Program trains and cultivates key players in today's changing economic environment. You can look forward to a structured 24 month program comprising of development-focused rotations, continuous skills training, dedicated mentorship, and access to senior leaders. Developing your career in our program will enable you to grow quickly into positions of responsibility and help you to achieve your professional ambitions. The full time program typically commences in July with intensive training that will provide essential skills knowledge as well as a comprehensive orientation to Citi's culture. After initial training, participants will rotate within Technology business areas to gain a comprehensive understanding of Citi.The Program is demanding and your learning curve will be steep. You will constantly be faced with new challenges. You are embarking on your career at a time when Asia Pacific is growing in influence.
      We want to hear from you if...
      * You are a final year student with an Undergraduate degree; in any discipine; from a top academic institution working towards a minimum CGPA 3.0/4.0 and above or at least 2nd upeer class honours, equivalent. *Degrees in Computer Science; Information Systems; Computer Engineering; Business (technology focused); and other technology-focused degrees are preferred; but not required * You have strong evidence of project management; leadership, teamwork, and communication skills*
      Who we think will be a great fit...
      Dedication to learning and a true passion for the business are vital. As industries all over the globe continue to restructure and grow; we are hiring professionals who have a global perspective on the future of banking, and want to make an impact on the corporate level. We value diversity and so do you. We'll also be looking for the following: * You see yourself in the technology field for the long-term. More than a tech expert, you’re innovative and persuasive. When faced with a variety of common technology problems, you propose solutions that make sense * Commitment to personal growth and career development, a strong desire to learn and success in team environments. Knowledge of the global or domestic business landscape (preferred, but not required) * Strong communication, planning and organizational skills, analytical and quantitative skills * Desire to develop a deep understanding of the financial industry * Unquestioned commitment to integrity ethical decision-making




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