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      1. 發布時間:2019-09-23
      2. 工作地點:上海
      3. 職位類型:兼職實習
      4. 來源:百威
      5. 職位:前端開發實習生

      ABI APAC Analytics Hub Intern - Front-end Developer 前端開發實習生


      Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI)’s Business Strategy and Transformation APAC Team is responsible for shaping our business and leading business transformation by empowering the business and way of working by leveraging our advanced capability in data science, AI technology, innovation strategy, talented people, and deep business expertise. We work seamlessly with all ABInBev business units to provide cutting-edge and innovative solutions to drive and lead exponential business growth. We are now looking for talented and gifted people to join the force to explore every possibility for ABI’s digital transformation journey!



      Job Description:




      ·         Report to the Associate Director in Data Science.

      ·         Day to day work with our engineer and scientist to develop and deploy commercial systems.

      ·         Provide coding support to various system and engine development. 




      ·         Major in Computer Science, Software Development, Electronic Engineering or related subjects.

      ·         Proficient in coding. Hands-on coding experience in Python, Java, C++. Other OO languages are acceptable.

      ·         Experience in front-end development is a strong plus, e.g. HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

      ·         Experience in web design, design pattern and algorithm is ideal.   

      ·         Can-do attitude! Strong ability to foresee and solve problems from technical and business perspective. 

      ·         Able to work and communicate with key stakeholders and functional teams.

      ·         Must be a self-driven, enthusiastic and curious person.

      ·         Strong in analytical, communication and presentation skills.

      • Fluent in English.
      • Starting date ASAP.


      Please apply through: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/1481780292/



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